Our Difference


We are artisan builders at the cutting edge of contemporary design. Furlan are at the forefront of architectural innovation. Each and every build is grounded in the latest contemporary design and building principles, making the most of light, open space and the very best nature has to offer.


We are committed to sustainable living solutions.
The best living space are design in harmony with the natural environment. We are committed to creating sustainable living solution which integrate ‘green’ design principles into every build. This means maximising natural resources available, like natural light for passive solar design, which leads to lower running costs and minimal impact on the environment. This commitment to the environment extends to sourcing the best quality natural materials from sustainable sources.


We offer unrivalled guidance. Building a home is stressful enough, especially when undertaking a complex custom build which requires specialist expertise. Furlan have extensive knowledge and connections to make the building process, a breeze. You can trust that Furlan will be alongside you in your build: from start to finish.